NEXO STM Accessories

Overview of NEXO STM Accessories.

  • STT-DOLLY02: STM Double Dolly

  • STT-MBEAM: STM Crossbow Main Beam

  • VXT-LIK: Laser Inclinometer Kit

  • STT-XCOUP3: 3 Crossbow Device

  • STT-KBEAM: STM Kelping Beam

  • STT-XCOUP2: 2 Crossbow Coupling Device

  • VXT-LEVA1500: Chain Lever Hoist 1500KG

  • GTT-BCCH: Compression Mode Kelping Chain

  • STT-BCOUP3: STM 3 Bottom Bumper Coupling Device

  • STT-MLINK: STM Chain Motor Linking Device

  • STT-BCOUP2: STM 2 Bottom Bumper Coupling Device

  • STT-BTBUMPER: STM Bottom Bumper

  • STT-DPLATE Delta Plate

  • STT-DCOVER01/02 Single Double Dolly Covers

  • STT-PTILT: STM Front Linking Device

  • STT-BTBUMPER: STM Bottom Bumper

  • STT-XBOW: STM Crossbow

  • STT-DROOF Roof for STM Dolly M46/B112

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