Apex dBDI-2 Dual Active Direct Injection Box

The dBDI-2 active direct inject box combines proven Apex audio performance and reliability with the versatility of two channels and a host of connectivity.

dBDI-2 front dBDI-2 back

Offering the best price/performance in its range, the rugged Apex dBDI-2 is just as at home in a studio or multi-media facility as it is in clubs and on-the-road. With the dBDI-2 you wont find yourself in a fix with incompatible connector types. With each channel providing XLR (3-pin), ¼" jack and RCA (cinch) input connectivity as standard, you can take the dBDI-2 anywhere, confident in the knowledge that it will just connect and work.

Capable of accepting a wide range of input signals (from guitar or bass pick-up to high level amplifier output) the dBDI-2 can be configured to meet the most demanding of applications. Dual mono or stereo operation is catered for, while enhanced features enable channel inputs on the dBDI-2 to be summed together or even allow the dBDI-2 to be used as an active splitter.

Channels on the dBDI-2 can be individually powered with separate 48 V phantom supplies, or via an external power adapter. Using both methods simultaneously provides a back-up power supply system within the dBDI-2, ensuring power isn't lost during performance.

High quality transformers, shielded within mu-metal cans, provide each channel with a galvanically isolated and balanced output; ensuring that audio integrity and performance is at its best.

The rugged aluminium extruded standalone design conveniently allows cables to be run underneath the dBDI-2, while the rubberised end cheeks provide both additional protection and enable multiple units to be stacked in a safe and secure manner.

For those who require a rack based solution (for example: tour sound, multi-media or fixed installations) two dBDI-2 devices can be mounted onto a single 1U optional 19" rack panel. Using the dBDI-2 in this way allows 4 comprehensive direct inject channels (with all input and output connections accessible from the front panel) to be available as a single unit. This is ideal for keyboard racks, guitar rigs or any other situation where rack based DIs are preferable.

Optional rack mount panel with 2 dBDI-2 fitted
Optional rack mount panel with 2 dBDI-2 fitted


  • Reliable, high performance active two channel direct inject box
  • Rugged easily stackable enclosure
  • Ideal for tour sound, multi-media, clubs and fixed installations
  • Comprehensive connectivity as standard
  • Low distortion design
  • Transformer output design eliminates ground loops
  • Power connector for external AC adapter
  • Dual mono or stereo operation with channel sum facility
  • Active channel splitter
  • Kensington® security slot
  • Optional rack-mount panel

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