Apex dBC-8 1U Eight Channel Compressor/Limiter

The Apex dBC-8 is an eight channel compressor/limiter with excellent specifications and comprehensive features at a very affordable price.

Although the unit is only 1U high, the dBC-8's controls are very straightforward and intuitive. Extreme care has being taken with the ergonomics to ensure ease of use and fast access.

dBG-8 1U - eight channels gate front and rear panels

Critical when working with gates is the ability to trigger on the signals you intended to trigger on. For this reason the dBG-8 has been equipped with a very powerful side-chain band-pass equaliser. We have even added a listen function so that you can really fine-trim the signal on which you want the gate to trigger.

Bypass and Gate open/close functions are clearly indicated by LEDs. No compromise has been made to the audio quality, the unit has fully electronically balanced inputs and outputs and uses very accurate circuitry.

With 8 channels available, you can put gates on the complete drum kit, or use some on backing vocals. dBG-8 offers you a very powerful means to clean up your sounds and tighten your mix.

A must have in any outboard rack !


dBG-8 1U - eight channels gate

On channel insert of a mixing console or between any line level equipment:

  • live band
  • conferencing and talk shows, helping to keep the Number of Open Microphone as low as possible, reducing risks of feedback


Key features

  • efficient and extensive band-pass side-chain filter with listen function
  • eight channels in 1U rack space
  • affordable but no-compromise design
  • straightforward and intuitive controls make set-up very easy and fast
  • British sound

General features

  • bypass and gate open / close indicators
  • electronically balanced inputs and outputs on ¼" TRS jacks
  • universal switch-mode power supply for world wide use


  • LINE INPUTS:Balanced high impedance line levelinput, 10kOhms, On ¼" TRS jack connector.
  • LINE OUTPUTS:Electronically balanced low impedanceoutputs, < 60 Ohms
  • MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL:+20dB into 600 Ohms
  • OUTPUT NOISE:< 90dBu, 22Hz - 22kHz,
  • GATE ATTENUATION: < 90dBu, 22Hz - 22kHz,
  • THRESHOLD:continuously variable between -60dBand 0dB
  • SIDE CHAIN FILTER: continuously variable between100Hz and 10Khz centre frequencies
  • RELEASE: continuously variable 5mS to 5 S
  • CROSSTALK:Better than 80dBTHD:@ 0dB < 0,05%, 20Hz - 20kHz
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE:+/- 0,5 dB, 20Hz - 20kHz
  • METERING:Gate on / off led indicators
  • POWER SUPPLY:Auto-detect 110/230V - 50/60Hz,switching power supply, power switch and fuse on theback panel
  • DIMENSION (H X W X D):1U rack Case x 483mm(19inch) x 44mm (1.75inch) WEIGHT:2Kgs

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