Xilica XD-8080 8x8 Digital Loudspeaker Controller

Designed to achieve top-quality sound, intuitive control and excellent performance, the XD series is the newest flagship DSP processor family.

XD-8080 8x8 Digital Loudspeaker Controller.

With its FIR Finite Impulse Response Linear Phase Filters (also referred as Brick Wall Filters), it surpasses conventional IIR Infinite Impulse Response Filters with its predictable linear response. Conventional IIR Filters are also available.

Newly included in the device are the compressors, crossovers and phase filters. By employing the most up-to-date DSP and hardware electronics technologies, the XD positioned itself among the top players in the pro-audio industry.


  • 4x8, 8x8 In-Out Configurations
  • Precise DSP Algorithms
  • Top-notch Audio Converters
  • Linear Phase (Brick Wall) Filters
  • 8 Bands PEQ per Channel
  • Phase Correction
  • Input and Output Crossovers
  • Input and Output Compressors
  • AES/EBU for 4x8 In-Outs
  • Built-in Ethernet Connectivity

XD-4080 4x8 Digital Loudspeaker Controller

XD-4080 4x8 Digital Loudspeaker Controller


Inputs and Outputs
input impedance: >10k Ohms
output impedance: 50 Ohms
maximum level: +20dBu
bu type: Electronically balanced
Audio Performance
freq response: ±0.1dB (20 to 20kHz)
dynamic range: 115dB typ (unweighted)
CMMR: >100dB (50 to 10kHz)
Crosstalk: < -100dB
Distortion: 0.002% (1kHz @+4dBu)
Digital Audio Performance
Processor: 40-bit floating point
Sampling rate: 96kHz
Analog converters: Super Performance 24-bit
Propogation delay: 1.5ms (2 - 12ms for FIR)
Front Panel Controls
Display: 4 x 32 Character Backlit LCD
Level meters: 5 segment LEDs
Buttons: 12 Mute Controls
12 Gain/Menu Controls
6 M enu Controls
Dial Encoder: Embedded Thumb Wheel
Audio input: Analogue/Digital Audio:
3-pin XLR
RS-232: Female DB-9
Ethernet: Standard CAT-5
Power: Standard IEC Socket
Power: 90-265 VAC (50 / 60Hz)
Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 229 mm
Weight: 4.6 kg
Audio Control Parameters
Gain: -40 to +15dB in 0.25dB steps
Polarity: ±
Delay: Up to 650ms per I/O
Equalizers (8 Per I/O)
Type: Parametric, Hi-shelf, Lo-shelf, Phase
Gain: -30 to +15dB in 0.25dB steps
Bandwidth: 0.02-2.50 octaves (Q=0.5-72)
Crossover Filters (2 Individuals Per Output)
Filter types: Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz Riley, FIR
Slopes: 6 to 48dB/oct for IIR
50-400 for FIR
Threshold: -20 to +20dBu
Attack: 0.3 to 100ms
Release: 2 to 32x the attack time
System Parameters
No. of programs: 30
Configuration: Generic, 2, 3, 4-Way
Delay Units: ms, ft, m
Frequency Modes: 36 steps/oct, 1Hz resoultion
Security Locks: Any individual menu
Channel Names: 6 characters

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