RCF Acustica L 2406 3 - Way Column Array

RCF L 2406 (/L 2406W) is a compact 3-way column loudspeaker with vertical controlled directivity providing natural hi-fi delity sound of both speech (to improve the intelligibility) and music.

L 2406 3 - Way Column Array

It is the optimum choice for sound system having fi xed loudspeakers, where the critical acoustical environment or architectural constraints require vertical acoustic dispersion control. L 2406 is equipped with six 5” woofers and four 1” dome tweeters. Its design with central tweeters permits a coherent sound dispersion, minimizing lobes and keeping a compact size for a professional loudspeaker.

The crossover has a protection circuit for the 4 dome tweeters and is designed to avoid secondary lobe creation. The 2 central woofers are controlled and placed differently from the other 4, in order to get a column true cardioid polar pattern.

The wide horizontal coverage angle and the controlled vertical dispersion allow the correct sound reproduction in a wide space, in order to limit feedbacks and improve the sound directivity (important in halls having a long reverberation time).

The column loudspeaker has a VOICE / MUSIC selector, useful to optimise the frequency response according to its main use.

Mounting accessories are included. These have been studied to keep the column as close as possible to the wall and simplify its installation; tilt adjustment is easy. L 2406 can be connected to either a 100 V (/ 70 V) constant voltage line (through a 60 W internal transformer) or an amplifi er low impedance output (max. power: 200 W RMS).

The power setting is made through the rear panel selector. The loudspeaker power is: a. 60-30-15-10 W (selectable), if connected to a 100 V constant voltage line(note: with a 70 V line, the power is halved: 30-15-7.5-5 W). b. max. 200 W on 8 ohm load.


  • 3 - Way Sound Column
  • 6 x 5" Woofer, 4 x 1" Dome Tweete
  • 150° wide horz. coverage angel
  • 30° controlled vertical coverage angle
  • 200W @ 8 Ohm
  • 60W @ 100V
  • 100Hz - 20kHz
  • 120dB max. SPL
  • LICC (Low Impedance Compensated Crossover)


  • Permanent Installations
  • Speech reinforcement
  • Transportation halls
  • House of worships
  • Critical environments
  • Auditoriums
  • Main Reinforcement in small spaces
  • Zone Delay and Fill Systems

System Specification

Bass 4 x 5" (130mm)
Mid 2 x 5" (130mm)
High 4 x 1" (25mm) Dome Tweeter
Freq. Range (-10dB) 100Hz - 20kHz
Freq. Range (-3dB) 150Hz - 15kHz
Coverage Angel (HxV) 150° x 30°
System Sensivity (1W/1m) 94dB
Max. SPL (SPL @ 1m) 120dB
Impedance 8 Ohm
System Input Power RMS / Music / Peak 200 / 400 / 800 Watt
Power 100V 60 - 30 - 15 - 10 Watt
HF Protection Dynamic
Crossover 2kHz
Enclosure 9mm birch polywood construction
Colour white (L2406W) / black (L2406)
Rigging Inserts 4 x M5
Dimensionen (H x W x D) 135 x 826 x 139 mm
Weight 11 kg
Wallmount Accessory

Dimensions (in mm)

L 2406 Dimension Diagram

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