QM 350i Multi-Purpose Passive Speaker System

The QM 350i 12" + 1" horn is a multi-purpose passive speaker system designed for professional mobile live sound applications and installations where a mid powered versatile FOH or fold-back monitor is required.

QM 350i Multi-Purpose Passive Speaker System
QM 350i Multi-Purpose Passive Speaker Mounted
WB350 Wall Bracket
WB350 Heavy Duty Bracket

The QM 350i boasts an exceptionally accurate HF response due to its purpose de­signed high frequency driver which is coupled to Quest's custom designed asym­metrical wave-guide delivering an ultra smooth frequency response. In addition, the wave-guide can be rotated through four dispersion plains maximizing the QM 350i's application potential.

The 12" horn sports a wide 60-100 degree coverage at the base of the flare and a long throw 40 degrees at the top. This ensures that the HF energy can be di­rected accurately wherever it is needed without adding unnecessary reverberation. This unique horn geometry design minimizes "hot zones" making instances where microphones are positioned closely to speaker systems a non-issue for monitor and FOH engineers.

The QM 350i comes with pole mounting (standard 36mm), wall bracket and eye bolt flying options to ensure that it can be installed in any environment. With multiple cabinet fixing points and low overall weight, system installers are offered numerous rigging options.

Designed for durability and true professional use in mind, the QM 350i's Baltic birch plywood chassis delivers exceptional sonic performance. The high gauge steel grill and quality component selection make the QM 350i an ideal choice for A/V rental, compact live sound and small or medium for­mat permanent installations requiring medium to high SPL. It's also Australian made guaranteeing its quality and making the QM 350i exceptional value.

Key Features

  • Passive front of house compact fold-back monitor
  • 450 watts RMS
  • Rotatable 1" HF horn flare
  • Asymmetrical wave-guide for both long throw and local wide dispersion
  • Custom designed high powered mid-bass trans­ducer
  • Baltic birch plywood casing with flying points
  • High impact steel protective front grill
  • Versatile flying hardware options


Speaker Type: Full Range
Components: 12" Woofer + 1" HF Driver
Freq Response: 60-19kHz
Nom. Impedance: 8 Ohms
Max SPL: 126dB SPL
Recommended Power: 400W
Weight: 19Kg Net

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