DiGiCo D5-T Controllers and Software

Controllers and Cue Editor software.

D5-RC Remote Control

D5-RC Remote Control

The D5-RC (Remote Controller) allows the greatest possible space saving in the auditorium for operating a show while maintaining full control of the D5's facilities, as well as providing a compact and portable worksurface for show programming.

It features an identical 8-fader screen section to the D5T with six fader bank switches allowing blocks of eight input channels or group outputs (if so configured) to be assigned to the worksurface, complete with full functionality. The channels can be assigned in blocks of 8 to control any of the input channels or group outputs. To the right of that is a full-featured master section including the matrix screen.

A single Ethernet connection and mains connection allow the operator's console to be moved around the theatre during rehearsals and control the main console from almost anywhere.

D5-TC Theatre Master's Controller

D5-RC Remote Control

The D5-TC (Theatre Masters Controller) provides alternative control over the 24 control group masters, outputs and cues, as well as all the normal display modes from the D5T master section on a TFT touchscreen. A row of 16 widely-spaced master faders with scroll function buttons display either the first 16 or the last eight control groups and include a bright, eight-character alphanumeric display above each fader showing master channel names independently of the LCD buttons.

Eight programmable, interactive LCD macro buttons (and access button) allow access to pre-defined user macros in three banks of eight, and there are four Mute-all buttons (inputs, auxes, subs and groups) and five Safe-all buttons (inputs, subs, groups, MIDI and events). Previous/Next Cue buttons beside the faders can be relocated to the left or right hand side of the console. Footswitch sockets on the rear panel allow remote firing of "Next".

Other features include a built-in permanent script tray to ensure that the controls are not obscured, while the tray conceals a lit internal QWERTY keyboard. The D5 Live's meter bridge is absent on the D5T, allowing a clear view of the stage. Pre-defined macros allow full size metering to be displayed on the overview screen, Master fader motors are disabled by default to suit theatre operation.

Cue Editor Programming Software

Cue Editor Programming Software Screen

DiGiCo's offline Theatre Cue Editor gives console programmers all the advanced programming facilities that they have come to expect of a dedicated theatre console – and more. It complements the D5T's own offline editor, which is designed for setting up console parameters, and is supplied as standard with the D5T.

Using a familiar spreadsheet-style graphical interface, the Cue Editor, which requires a Windows™ PC or Mac™ running Windows™ emulation software, allows complete pre-programming of cues, aliases, Facilities provided include: cue creation, cuelist renumbering and block moving functions; defining of up to 16 alias "character" names for any input source for the purpose of confining Live-Update within the currently selected alias; defining sets' membership; "one-click" assignment/unassignment of a predefined aliases or sets to Control Groups, enabling alias-switching and assignment of multiple channels in a fraction of the normal timesets, and more.

D5T-12 Re Fader Pod

D5T-12 Re Fader Pod

Allowing the ability to be able to remote control a redundant engine with 12 master faders, snapshot up/down and LCD buttons.

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