DiGiCo Hits the Road with Dubology

A new mobile facility is now available in Australia that has put the benefits of DiGiCo digital recording and ease of use into an extremely compact, mobile package.

Sydney-based Dubology Studios has recently unveiled the DubMobile, a mobile facility featuring a 128 channel DiGiCo DS-00 digital console with two EX-00 fader expansion modules, DiGiRack and MiNi-DiGiRack, with up to 288 tracks of multitrack recording on to ProTools HD, Steinberg Nuendo and MOTU Digital Performer.

Developed in conjunction with Sony Australia, Dubology owner Ivan Ordenes has created a comprehensive facility in a vehicle measuring just 5.8m long by 2.8m high, making it suitable to work in the most restricted of spaces.

With 15 years experience of touring the world and studio recording, working with bands including Metallica and Oasis, and currently mixing the broadcast or monitor mix for high profile guests on the daily live morning shows for the Australian Seven television network, Ivan knows exactly what makes the ideal console for broadcast, stage and studio work.


Inside of DubMobile


“The DubMobile was the culmination of a long term plan to create a multi-purpose mobile control room and recording rig,” he says. “We chose the DS-00 for its power and performance to handle complicated audio situations.

“Another advantage is that DiGiCo consoles have a very straightforward user interface. We have taken engineers who have never used DiGiCo before, given them a five minute user course and from there they have gone straight on air or to sound check.”

He concludes, “DiGiCo also has fantastic technical support in Australia. They respond to any queries or emergencies in the minimum time. We are really happy with the DS-00 and any future expansion or upgrade will definitely be with a DiGiCo desk.”


Inside of DubMobile's DS-00 Close Up


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