RCF Brings Big Sound to the Big Banana

Any Entertainment is a Coffs Harbour based production company specialising in touring, events and installation. The largest production company in the area, Any Entertainment make use of a versatile RCF HDL20A setup, to meet their client's needs across live music and corporate events audio.

The adaptability of the RCF's large format array series has made it an industry standard in mid-to-large productions, championed by its excellent sonic quality, high SPL and tunable directivity. The HDL20A unit is a highly efficient 700W (RMS) powered line array mid-high module, featuring 2 x 10" woofers, 1 x 3" and delivering a staggering 135dB max SPL.

Any Entertainment's Production Manager, Nathan Holding, says since the company invested in the system, they have been very pleased with the results. The company makes use of 12 x HDL20A, 4 x SUB-8006 dual 18" subwoofers and 4 x SUB-8004 single 18" subwoofers; often servicing indoor concerts or outdoor festivals with 1000+ people. "With the HDL modules, there's always enough power, no matter the gig; in fact, I don't think we've ever seen the protection limiter LED trigger. We recently had the system setup for Australian electronic duo 'Peking Duk' in front of two thousand people, and whilst we did add two extra 8006 subs, we found the system still had plenty of headroom to spare."

Any Entertainment RCF-HDL20A photos

Nathan also admires the HDL series power-to-weight ratio- "it's certainly great having a powerful PA, but the real advantage for us here is the low weight and compact format; we can fit the whole system into a single Pantech-style truck. Logistically that just can't be beaten."

HDL20As have become a leading choice in line array technology thanks to their versatility and ultra-fast setup. "Depending on client requirements, we can build up two entirely separate systems for different uses at the one event; and because it's an Active system, there's no need to split amp racks- you just roll out what you need and quickly connect it."

Any Entertainment have worked with a plethora of Australian talent, including The Living End, Jimmy Barnes, Pete Murray, Don Walker and Ian Moss. Nathan says that whilst client feedback at concerts has been positive, it's the response from other engineers that he's been most pleased with. "When acts bring their own engineers to mix on our system, they're usually happy when they see what they're working with- it's a setup many have used before and one that they trust."

Any Entertainment RCF-HDL20A photos

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