Nexo STM Debuts in Korea

NEXO's STM modular line array has made its first public appearance in Korea, in the hands of new owner Way Audio. STM debuted on the main stages of the Green Plugged Festival in Seoul, in front of 45,000 people.


Nexo STM in Korea


Nanji Hangang Park in Seoul was packed for the two-day "Green Plugged Seoul 2013" festival, an event designed to raise awareness about the environment. The bill featured some of the most famous indie rock and underground bands in Korea.

There were five stages at Green Plugged, each named after an element of nature in line with the event's concept – namely "Wind," "Sun," "Earth, "Moon," and "Sky." NEXO's new STM modular line array was deployed as the primary PA system for "Moon" and "Sky", the two main stages, featuring well-known Korean artists such as Diablo, Pia and Yoon Band.


Nexo STM in Korea


In the hands of system design engineer, Yun Cheol Lee from Way Audio, supported by Nicolas Poitrenaud from NEXO and Eddie Kim from A-Works Prosound Corporation (NEXO distributor for Korea), the system was set up in a L/C/R configuration because of the width of the stages.


Nexo STM Double Array


Bands were alternating on the two stages, side by side, giving a total width of 36 metres. For this reason, a central cluster of 6x STM sets was used to maintain a centre audio image and add coverage for the front centre of the audience. L/R comprised STM arrays of 12x sets (12x M46 Main plus 12x B112 Bass) each side. 30x S118 subbass cabinets were ground-stacked in front of the stage.


Nexo STM in Korea


The whole system was powered by 8x NEXO Universal Amp Racks (NUARs), including a stage monitor system using 8x 45°N-12 wedges, and a substantial number of PS15s. All loudspeakers were controlled over a Dante network.


Nexo Nuar


Pioneering the STM concept in Korea, rental company Way Audio was established in 1997, originally using Meyer Sound (MSL4 and 650P) and purchased its first NEXO system (Alpha) in 1999, followed by GEO T Series in 2004. Company principals Mr. Kim and Mr. Jung visited the Frankfurt PL+S, and attended demos in Paris in London, before electing to invest in STM because of its versatility.


Nexo STM Ground Stack


Mr. Kim reports that he was very pleased with STM's performance at the Green Plugged festival, and he is looking forward to exploring the system's full configuration potential including using the double-bass set-up.


Nexo STM Triple Array



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