Apex dBDI-2 - The Professional Choice for Direct Input Devices

There's half a million dollars of PA on stage and the room's at capacity. An SD8 is at front of house, and the lead guitarist for the headline act is using a $10,000 guitar.

Apex DI

Does it make sense to use the cheap and cheerful DI you bought 10 years ago? Of course not, you're only as strong as your weakest link. Enter the Apex dBDI-2.

Supporting a wide range of input formats including 1/4", XLR and RCA, as well as countless signal formats from guitar or bass pick-up to high level amplifier output; the dBDI-2 is the only DI for discerning professionals who want to maintain signal integrity end to end.

Whether dual mono or stereo use is required, the dBDI-2 gets the job done. Even channel inputs on the dBDI-2 can be summed together and it can even be used as an active splitter.

Channels on the dBDI-2 can be individually powered with separate 48 V phantom supplies, or via an external power adapter. By using both sources of power, the dBDI-2 provides power redundancy.

High quality transformers, shielded within mu-metal cans, provide each channel with a galvanically isolated and balanced output; ensuring that audio integrity and performance is at its best.

The rugged aluminium extruded standalone design conveniently allows cables to be run underneath the dBDI-2, while the rubberised end cheeks provide both additional protection and enable multiple units to be stacked in a safe and secure manner.

For touring, multi-media or fixed installations, a racking option is also available which will house two dBDI-2 devices into a single 1U optional 19" rack panel.




The dBDI-2 is hard to go past, delivering everything a DI should and then some. Be sure to have a look at the entire range of Apex Audio solutions. A complete range of innovative, no compromise solutions that will fulfill the varied specialisations of of production and installation applications.



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