Future Festival 2010, Nexo, RCF, Digico & Bad Clothes

With Melbourne coming down from an intense hail storm the day before, the turn out for Future Music Festival 2010 was looking a little uncertain. As Sunday morning arrived, there was a drizzle outside but it certainly wasn't enough to deter the tens of thousands of music lovers set to flock Flemington Racecourse.

By midday, the rain had subsided and the crowds began to flood the entry gates. Music blared from end to end across ten massive stages and dance areas. The disco sheik dress sense of the millennium generation was in full force with many looking like they'd just stepped out of a low budget Pet Shop Boys music video.

But of course, we can forgive the younglings, how would they know any better? Far too young to know the history they imitate whilst old enough to think they are being original. Regardless, it was the sound that possessed them; and of course, made you read this articleÂ…

Gear was all over the racecourse whether it were Nexo, sending bowel bending tunes to the masses, RCF monitors giving DJ's the details of their mixes or Digico desks to keep the headliners in check.

Two stages and one of the VIP areas were decked out with Nexo setups. RCF and Nexo monitoring was just about everywhere covering several stages on the day and not a complaint was to be heard by any DJ using the kit.

The 'Likes of You' tent was home to a Digico D5 console which kept both the crowd and the onslaught of DJ's by the likes of Dubfire, Booka Shade, Sven Vath and John Digweed grinning ear to ear. The console was driving a huge system for the massive under cover arena which hosted some of the bigger names at Future Music Festival 2010.

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