Apex Launches the Intelli-Z2 System Processor

Since being launched 18 months ago, Apex's groundbreaking Intelli-X2 processors have become a favourite for a wide range of touring bands, musicals and festivals. The high end features of Intelli-X² have now been become available to the installation market with the Intelli-Z²; recently launched at this year's ProLight+Sound 2012.

Apex recognises that processors for fixed installations such as theatres and conference venues, are often located in amplifier or control racks which are not necessarily easy to access. Utilising the full power of Apex's free Intelli-Ware remote control software, the new Intelli-Z² system management processor is designed specifically with such installations in mind.

The Intelli-Z² features a four in, eight out configuration, integral mixer and selectable analogue or AES-3 I/O. All this without the additional cost of unnecessary hardware as the entire system can be controlled by a remote computer or tablet running Intelli-Ware.

"Based on the respected Intelli-X² series platform, the new Intelli-Z² delivers the same level of power, control and performance, but in an installation-friendly package," says Jeroen Sierjacobs, Apex marketing manager.

"Intelli-Ware is a powerful control application but it is very easy to use. It makes Intelli-Z² the ideal control solution for situations where processors are installed in places that don't lend themselves to frequent, straightforward access."


Apex Intelli-Z2



Apex Intelli-ware controller software application has been designed to provide fast and intuitive control from portable TouchTablet handhelds and tethered PCs. The interface mirrors the powerful, but intuitive design of the hardware, whereby operation is predominantly icon driven. Intelli-ware also provides comprehensive system-wide ganging, copy/paste and data management facilities; allowing complex configurations to be configured, presented and stored in a more efficient and intuitive way. The Intelli-ware screen layout is fully configurable and can be sized to match any type of display. Custom screen formats may be saved and linked to user access rights, allowing sound designers to restrict parameter access depending on the user. This is ideal for managing guest or junior engineers.

Full offline design capabilities are also provided within Intelli-ware enabling shows to be prepped offsite. Intelli-ware provides two modes of operation, Design and Live. In Design mode detailed system designs can be entered encompassing both system management and/or crossover configurations. These settings can be secured using Intelliware's comprehensive control/access rights facility. Live mode only enables access to parameters that are deemed necessary after the design phase. In Live mode, access to parameters could be entirely blocked (e.g., RMS and Peak limiter control) or limited (e.g., a control tolerance of ±5 dB for input gain).

Analyser Bridge

The Apex Intelli-Ware software application now comes complete with an analyser-bridge feature, enabling comprehensive integration of WaveCapture Live-Capture (Light and Pro versions) and Rational Acoustics Smaart 7 sound measurement software applications. The bridge is available at no extra cost and is an integral part of the Intelli-Ware software application. Only a fully licensed copy of Smaart or Live-Capture is required. Network-based communications permit a fast and smooth RTA/Transfer function underlay display on every PEQ or X-over frequency response screen.

The analyser software can run on either the same computer running Intelli-Ware, or a separate computer connected to the same network; thus offering very flexible configuration options such as running the analyser on a powerful laptop with Intelli-Ware running on a Wi-Fi connected Tablet. Featuring comprehensive integration, the analyser-bridge enables control of all commonly used sound measurement tools found on Live-Capture and Smaart 7, all directly from within Intelli-Ware (such as the ability to invert the transfer response to provide a target EQ curve).


Apex Intelli-Z2


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