DiGiCo's SD9 Gets Supercharged With Upgrade

Thanks to the future proof nature of its FPGA technology, DiGiCo' SD9 is getting an amazing boost from software / firmware upgrades that frees up more of the FPGA's processing power. With up to 100% more added on certain features, it truly makes your SD9 investment Supercharged...

DiGiCo SD9 Supercharged with more features


  • 48 Flexi Input Channels
  • 16 Flexi Busses
  • 8 Dynamic Equalisers
  • 8 DiGiTuBes & 8 Digital FX
  • 8 Multiband Compressors
  • 16 Graphic Equalisers
  • Multi Channel Folding

In celebration of DiGiCo's anniversary year, the upgrade expands the capabilities of the SD9 by a phenomenal amount. It is free to all existing SD9 owners and is also included with any SD9 console purchased up until the last day of ProLight+Sound 2012.

The SD9 Supercharged has a significant expansion in Channel count, Dynamic EQs, Multiband Compressors and Matrix, and the addition of DiGiTuBes, Reorder of Busses and Multichannel inputs (formerly only available on SD7).

Further new features include an expanded Aux Panel, increased Dynamic functions such as a Duck option and expander for the Gate, a De-esser and two types of Knee for the Compressor. There are also new FX types with multitap, ping pong and stereo delay, with different delay times for left and right. A warmth button is provided on each channel for analogue emulation and two types of EQ have been added (Classic and Precision). There are also now Standard template sessions.

Another new feature, Sets (previously only available on SD7T), has been enhanced to allow for ‘Set Spill'. This allows the user to create Sets and, with a simple button press, change the console layout to display members of that Set.

All of this means that SD9 Supercharged has more features and functionality than any other console in its class.

Special Introductory Offer!

And if that wasn't enough, to coincide with this additional processing firmware release, DiGiCo is also offering a 72 mic input system at an introductory total system price.

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FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) components have been around for almost as long as DSP. The historical issue in using FPGA for large audio applications was their relatively small size. This meant they performed the function of glue logic, allowing multiple DSP chips to communicate. It would be normal to find these small FPGAs in almost all digital audio designs.

Evolution has meant that much larger FPGAs are available now, and these can perform far greater numbers of calculations than the most advanced DSP. The issue for designers is that most universities have been focusing their attention to DSP engineering, the result of which is a large shortage of skilled FPGA designers. This will of course change, and others will harness the additional benefits of FPGA audio design.

Stealth Digital Processing

DiGiCo's Stealth Digital ProcessingTM (Super FPGA) gives unparalleled sonic quality, performance and reliability. Designed from the ground up as a future proofed technology, Stealth Digital ProcessingTM has been proven over and over again in the award winning SD7, SD8, SD9, SD10 and SD11 on some of the world's largest and most prestigious concert tours, musical theatre productions and installations.

Supercharged Specs

SD9 vs SD9 Supercharged

The SD9 Supercharged upgrade includes many enhancements over the award winning and already highly specified SD9 - With up to 100% more on certain features! See the table below.

  SD9 Supercharged SD9
Input Channels 40 Flexi 48 Flexi
Busses 16 Flexi 16 Flexi
Dynamic EQ 4 8
DiGiTuBes 0 8
Multiband Compressor 4 8
Digital FX 4 8
Matrix 8x8 12x8
Multi Channel Folding No Yes

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