Nexo Moves Headquarters and Factory to New Facility

For the first time, NEXO manufacturing operations are integrated under a single roof. This is in contrast to NEXO's former (original) campus-style operations, a result of two decades of steady expansion across a large quadrant of a suburban North Paris industrial park. Tri-directional expansion options were also integrated into NEXO's new HQ design, so continued growth can be easily implimented.

NEXO founders Eric Vincenot and Micky Johnson have expressed total satisfaction with the new premises. Director General Denis Baudier says of the move, "This couldn't have come at a better time. With exceptional sales growth from the GEO D and S12 Series product launches during the last eighteen months, we desperately needed increased production capacity."

As seen in the photos below, final cosmetic details continue are ongoing, although first shipments from PLAILLY are scheduled for June 15th.


Nexo Factory


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