Nexo makes a Tryst off Chapel Street

A former nunnery and brothel just off Chapel Street in Melbourne has been converted to a fine venue for the in-crowd, however the previous sound system was severely inadequate. Tryst chose to go with Nexo PS 8 for its superbly clean sound and compact size all at the right volume to allow for conversation and keeps the music vibe happening.


Tryst Bar

 Once a nunnery, then a brothel, now a mighty fine bar named Tryst


Just off Melbourne’s fashionable Chapel Street is Tryst - an intimate bar imaginatively set up in a converted terrace house. You could easily walk right past Tryst whose front yard forms a small beer garden and the front rooms house the bar, with the rest of the house kitted out with low banquettes, drapes, mirrors and dim lighting.


Tryst Bar

 Nexo PS 8 speakers fit Tryst perfectly; clean sound and compact in size


Having once been a nunnery and later on a brothel (the venue pays homage to its’ colourful past with a discreet red light above the front door) passer bys would be used to strange noises emanating from this house. But nothing was as strange as the old sound system that struggled to cater to the pumping house music played every night!


Tryst Bar

 The DJ corner at Tryst


Owner Dean explains that as the venue got busier and the rooms more packed, he found that the sound was being absorbed by the throngs of patrons.

"We were driving the speakers up to a point where they couldn’t produce a clean sound at a higher volume," he said. "A couple of pubs in the area had upgraded their sound systems and you could really notice the difference. I investigated a bit further and discovered that they had installed Nexo speakers."

Nexo PS8 versatile, compact, full-range loudspeakers have been installed with Nexo LS-400 subs driven off Camco Vortex 3 amplifiers.


Tryst Bar

 Outdoor area at Tryst


"Not only are the speakers a lot smaller, which is a bonus for a small venue such as ours, they are really crisp and deliver great clarity," added Dean. "I was really surprised at just how clean the sound is; it’s loud but you can still talk. I’ve also noticed that the sound doesn’t leak out of the venue like before which is great for the residents further down the street. The Nexo speakers are so much more focused, have a lack of distortion and superb clarity. We’re very happy them."

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