Nexo Rocks Hard with Lobby Lloyd


Lobby Llyod

Above: Brian Cadd singing it up during sound-check


On Tuesday 29 August 2006 a good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll benefit gig was staged at Melbourne's Palace for a true legend of the Aus-rock scene, Lobby Lloyd, who is currently battling with lung cancer. It was a night chock-full of old rockers rocking as hard as they ever did, and all through a rocking Nexo Geo T PA rig. With performances from bands such as The Masters Apprentices, Painters and Dockers, Chain, Rose Tattoo, The Aztecs, Spectrum and The Wild Cherries, along with Russell Morris, Ian Rilen, Wendy Saddington, Brian Cadd, and MC'd by Jack Thompson, it was an all-star classic Sunbury Festival line-up with a super-modern set-up powering the whole show.


Tom Allan Mixing the D1 for Lobby Llyod

Above: Tom Allen on monitor duties with Lobby and Billy on stage


Clarky on the D5 for Lobby Llyod

 Above: Clarky in the witness protection program, still working the DiGiCo


In addition to the Nexo Geo T rig, which for this gig was stacked on top of Nexo's CD18 cardioid sub-bass modules, which really highlighted the versatility of this fantastic product, a set of PS 15 speakers were used as monitors, and FOH and monitor mixing duties were performed on a set of DiGiCo digital mixing consoles. The youngest DiGiCo owner in Aus, Tom Allen from Parradiddle Productions who also looked after the mix on monitors as well (with Clarky working FOH) supplied the DigiCo's for the gig. Along with a rack of Camco amps, this was an impressive gear line-up to match the impressive on-stage performers. If you have never been to a Billy Thorpe gig, you can never quite understand the volume at which these guys play and on the night the volume was there in spades and the seemingly small Nexo rig lapped it up, fully powered with 36,000 watts of clean, continuous power in the form of five Camco Vortex 6 power amplifiers, with 44KW of peak power. Overall it was a huge night of classic rock and a testament to performers who all proved rock will live forever.


Lobby Llyod Gear

 Above: The Nexo stacked high with a Camco Vortex rack that powered the rock onslaught

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