Alice Springs Major Concert Digs Nexo On Stage

The Alice Springs Anzac Oval recently played host to 'The Concert', a three week music festival filled with numerous bands including Sneaky Sound System and Empire of the Sun. With crowds reaching over 5000 punters at times, a flexible solution was required that could easily provide the output required when crowds peaked in numbers. To properly accomodate the psychedelic, electronic and rock madness, AJ Sound was ushered in and the team decided on Nexo for the stage and sub requirements. 16 x Nexo PS15's were used for fold back, Nexo Alpha E for side fill, an RS15/PS15 combination was setup for drum fill and 8 x Nexo RS18's ( 30 - 110Hz) - stacked 3:2:3 were on the main stage for killer bass.

Production Manager Andy Walters has been a long time fan of Nexo and his recent acquisition of RS18's left him and his team very impressed. "The RS18 has one of the best sounding low ends that I have heard in a sub for a while. They were tight, punchy and had a super low extension without any of that 'clacking' that you can get from some subs when you push them."

Numerous bands performed in addition to Empire of the Sun and there was positive feedback all round as Andy recalls. "All the acts throughout the 3 week period were very happy. There were quite a diverse range of bands to deal with but the PS15's handled all the acts very well."

"I am really happy with the Alpha as side fill too; it is my first choice personally for a side fill over any other spec. It's easy to setup, sounds great and is LOUD!"


The Concert Stage at Anzac Oval

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