Time to Get Powerwise

PowerWise has announced the newest addition to its range of rack-mounted power distribution devices, the PD620M. Essentially the same as the PD620 - a commercial-standard, 12-output unit ideally suited for either in-rack installation to power banks of amplifiers, or sleeve-mounted as a 32-amp three-phase power distribution unit for six circuits of RCD protected 240-volt power - the PD620M incorporates a Digital Multi-Function Meter.

In addition the PD620M also offers six circuits with a 20AMP MCB per circuit, along with a master/RCD (residual current device) power switch. Twelve single-phase Australian GPO outputs make it ideal for lighting and audio applications and the unit comes complete with 5-Pin 32-amp connecter wired ready for use.

PowerWise has again set the standard for the design of compact range power distribution products for the Australian audio and lighting industry with an emphasis on mobile and touring applications.

The PD620M (along with the PD620) is available now. Please contact Group Technologies for more information.


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