Nexo Does It Again... The World's First Line Monitor

NEXO's 45N-12 monitor loudspeaker is not just a new product but a radical new concept in stage sound - that of line monitoring.

The revolutionary NEXO 45°N-12 wedge monitor brings all the benefits of line-array technology to the stage. It draws on NEXO's patented Hyperbolic Reflective Wavesource which is used throughout the GEO range of high-performance loudspeakers. The design works by wavesourcing, creating virtual acoustic sources behind the enclosure itself and below the stage, using reflection rather than coercion to determine the shape of the wavefront. Unlike a conventional high frequency waveguide in which the exit is rectangular, the NEXO monitor's waveguide forms a 'smile', enabling cabinets to be linked together to form arrays without interference between wavefronts.

Monitor engineers will find that the N-12 design produces a very sharply defined dispersion pattern at the same time as offering a huge improvement in terms of level before feedback. The focused coverage results in lower acoustic power on stage. SPL and frequency response are consistent up to 2.5 metres back.

An ingenious magnetic locking system joins multiple monitors together, allowing scalability for both coverage and SPL level. The compact, low-profile design is less conspicuous than conventional monitors (ideal for live TV production), and the 45°N- 12 features a non-slip base with a skid system and ergonomic handle for easy repositioning on stage.



  • Components LF 1 x 12" (30 cm) high excursion Neodymium 8O driver
  • HF 1 x 3" voice coil, 1.4" throat Neodymium 16O compression driver on a 22.5° hyperboloid reflective wavesource
  • Height x Width x Depth 392 x 492 x 576mm
  • Net Weight 28 kg (62 lbs)
  • 2 x NL4MP Speakon 4 pole connectors
  • Baltic Birch Ply Construction with Aluminium bottom and injected polyurethane front vents
  • Fittings 4 handles (2 side metal recessed, 2 front and rear moulded
  • Front Finish Moulded dark grey metal grill
  • Locking Elements Integrated magnets for mechanical locking


For more information visit the Nexo N45-12 product page here.

Nexo N45-12


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