Nexo's Incredible GeoT405 Vertical Tangent Array Module

T4805 Vertical Tangent Array Module incorporates the Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource, the Configurable Directivity Flange, the Directivity Phase Device and an unique DSP-driven cardioid LF section.

Multiple T4805s and T2815s combine to form a single very high output source of coherent acoustic energy. GEOSoft, our compiled Matlab application, makes it easy to determine the wavefront curvature that will deliver equal power to equal areas in any venue. Mixing engineers are discovering that GEO Technology delivers all the detail of a mix to the entire audience. With equal SPL from front to rear of the listening area, the dynamics of the performance are experienced at every seat. GEO systems are smaller, lighter, faster loading and rigging, without sacrificing anything in terms of power, dynamics or detail. Dramatically lower production costs translate to significantly higher profits for owners and operators of GEO systems.

  • T4805 can be deployed in horizontal or vertical tangent arrays.
  • High power, long excursion neodymium 8" woofer delivers full range output from compact enclosures.
  • Light weight (13kg per module including precision array assembly system) construction allows GEO tangent arrays to be hung almost anywhere.
  • Configurable Directivity Device allows dispersion in the noncoupling plane to change from 80° to 120° through bolt-on flanges that alter the flare of the diffraction slot's exit.
  • •Directivity Phase Device combines enhanced line source coupling in vertical arrays with extended low frequency response.
  • GEOSoft array design software predicts vertical tangent array performance for a wide range of venues.


Nexo's Geo T4805


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