RCF Unveils Digitally Steerable Array System

RCF recently unveiled its new TTL11A digitally steerable speakers. A truly unique product, the TTL11A represent a true innovation from one of the world's leading speaker system manufacturers.

Available in three flavours, the range is designed for challenging environments where sound must be directed in particular directions with narrow dispersion.

Active Column Speaker Array System

The TTL11A is an active column speaker array system composed by two modules, one for the mid-high and one for the bass frequencies.

HF Module

The TTL11A-H is the HF module and is equipped with four 2.5" neodymium compression drivers with 1.5" exit throat.

Bass Frequency Section

The TTL11A-B is the bass frequency section of the system and features four 8" neodymium woofers with 2.5" voice coil for a perfect and powerful mid-bass response.


With the addition of the new TTS25-A subwoofer, the TTL11A system becomes a powerful, compact and high definition live sound system.


RCF Steerable Array System


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