k.d. lang takes Nexo to the Logies

Melbourne's Crown Casino hosted the 2010 Logie Awards and what a spectacular night it was. Special guest k.d. lang delivered a fantastic performance of 'Hallelujah' which stunned audiences and was received with a standing ovation. Shortly after, k.d.'s latest album, 'Recollection', rose to the top of the Australian albums chart. This is no surprise though as the Canadian superstar has had an astonishing career spanning almost three decades with a string of both collaborative and solo hits. Over the years, k.d. has constantly refined her sound and has been meticulous in ensuring she can hear what she is doing as well her audience can.


k.d. lang performing at the 2010 Logies


With artists at such a level of performing expertise, the choice of stage equipment is completely at the artist's discretion. K.d.'s choice for fold backs are Nexo PS10's no matter where she performs. The PS10's provide a huge amount of flexibility with their asymmetrical dispersion horn ensuring sound can be directed accurately in a specific direction dependent on stage size and how k.d. will be performing. Their compact size and high power output ensure they provide k.d. with the clearest representation of her performance without occupying a huge footprint on stage.


k.d. lang on stage with Nexo PS10 foldbacks


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