The Wick is Lit with PSI Audio

Melbourne based 'Wick Recording & Rehearsal Studios' is a world class facility with a unique and interesting history. The building was originally a purpose-built Ice Factory making the insulated walls perfect for acoustic applications. From the early 90's, the Wick was used extensively as a rehearsal space, home to both Australian and international headline acts. When the opportunity arose for Dan Corless (studiolive engineer) to take ownership, he jumped at the opportunity. Through a major renovation of all the spaces, the Wick was re-born with 14 state of the art rehearsal rooms and two fully equipped studios.
The two studios at the Wick both feature PSI Audio studio monitors. Studio A is home to a pair of A25-M's coupled with two A225M's, while the smaller Studio B owns a pair of A21-M's.

Dan chose the PSI monitors after an extensive shootout with several high-end brands. The decision to go with the swiss crafted speakers was based purely on detail, clarity and the absolute accuracy in translation as he notes.

"The A25-M are unlike any other speaker. The crossover is seamless, and they translate so accurately that I find myself without the need to reference with any other speakers now. I can trust them completely. I have heard a lot of high-end monitors, but I have never heard anything like the PSI range."

Dan with PSI Speaker

With Studio B currently under renovation, Dan's choice to go with the A21's was an easy one too. "They're a 2-way system that still somehow manage to give me a full range sound with unbelievable imaging and the same fast transient response as the 3-way. They are such a good speaker in every respect, and I can't believe how overrated some of the other brands are."

PSI Speaker Console

The Wick has seen countless acts through its doors including the Living End, Toni Childs, Meatloaf, John Farnham, The Monkees, Airborne and many more. Dan has been in the live and studio production industry for over 20 years and as well as being an all-round nice guy, he is one of the most respected engineers in Australia.

PSI Speaker Console

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