Coda's Innovative Systems Make Their Mark in Australia

Coda Audio is a leading loudspeaker manufacturer based in Germany. Throughout most of the world Coda is known as a boutique brand with a complete range of product encompassing everything from small installations to large scale touring systems. Its recent addition to the Group Technologies group of products has seen its popularity grow very quickly in Australia also.

It's really of little surprise, considering Coda is a brand that has strong core values centered around creating the best sounding products which culminate innovation, practicality, specificity, and clever design. Backed by a team of truly passionate individuals, Coda Audio's product line has impressed everyone who's heard it, and it's understandable why.

Utilising state of the art components such as German made, BMS drivers, Coda's exceptionally sweet sound brings a new level of performance in a modest footprint.


Coda Audio

Coda's cabinet manufacturing in Germany is all within .1mm tolerances due to their stringent quality control and CNC technology


Among the most exciting products in the extensive range is the Coda D5 cube speaker. A coxial 5" in a humble and unassuming small form wooden cube. The unique design of a 44m voice coil mounted over the woofer ensures a coherent wave front making it extremely efficient for its size. These very small and easily underestimated speakers deliver surprisingly wide coverage and an impressive 500W peak power with a range all the way up to 30kHz.



A powerful, compact and efficient high powered satellite system - 2 x Coda D5 cubes and the PW112A sub


To complement these compact passive powerhouses, Coda's active single 12" PW12a sub delivers both the perfect bottom end energy for these cubes as well as amplification. The 2000W Peak sub provides a full 35-125Hz low end frequency range and can amplify up to 8 D5 cubes in a satellite system.


Coda Audio

Not just a PA for gigs - The Coda D5 Cubes shown above, installed in St. Kilda's iconic Greasy Joes

Point source boxes are not alone in Coda's camp though with the very exciting compact line array systems also making waves in Australia.

The Coda LA4 is a 2-way full range line array module measuring only 500mm in width and weighing less than 10kg per module. The LA4 contains two 5" ultra low distortion Neo drivers, each with Coda's planar wave driver. The planar waveguide ensures efficient and coherent dispersion allowing the LA4 to be utilised in configurations of up to 40 modules. Each module delivers a max SPL of 139dB across a 110 x 10 degree dispersion and a 60-20kHz frequency range.




Couple this with a complete suite flying and fixed bracket options, this highly compact and aesthetically unobtrusive system has proven very popular for installations, corporate events and theatre musicals across the nation.


The LA4 at work for a Cole Porter musical at Ripponlea Gardens shown below

Coda Audio

Coda Audio


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