DiGiCo Launches SD Convert at Frankfurt PLS 2013

PLS 2013 saw DiGiCo launch SD Convert, new utility software that allows session files to be transferred from one SD Range console to any other.



DiGiCo's very cool stand at Frankfurt PLS 2013


DiGiCo offers a range of consoles for every possible demand, all with the same easy to access user interface and superb audio quality. This allows you to move from one model to another and know exactly how to drive the best from your system.

Now, thanks to DiGiCo's new file interchange application, SD Convert, your session files will be able to travel with you.

This standalone piece of software allows engineers to load their files from any console in the SD Range into the SD Convert application and choose which model they want to convert to, defining their existing session with the resources available on the new console. This makes it possible to move freely up and down the console range depending on space, budget and system requirements.




"It's fantastic to deliver a way of converting files between the large and small consoles in the SD Range," says Roger Wood, DiGiCo's head of software development. "This has been a complicated project, with the challenge being that the SD7 has almost limitless capacity, but the SD9, for example, has less.

"SD Convert has addressed these issues in the simplest possible way, making it quick and easy to transfer files up and down the range. It's amazing what our team has been able to create."



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