Greasy Joes Classes Up with Coda Cubes

One of St Kilda's longstanding icons is Greasy Joe's cafe. For over 30 years Joe's was the place to get your serious burger fix sorted.


Greasy Joes


As part of a long overdue rehaul, the entire cafe has been revamped bringing it up to shiny 2013 finish. Of course a new PA needed to go in also, something that was subtle, looked good but delivered great sound all the same.


Greasy Joes

The original Greasy Joes... MMMM you can smell it


A clever choice to go with the Coda D5 cubes along with a PW12A sub was made. See if you can spot them in the photo's, they're tiny and deliver so much output they have just about everyone double-taking when they hear them for the first time.


Greasy Joes


This article has made me hungry.



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