Wolfmother Surfs with Nexo, DiGiCo & Camco

Returning from his world tour recently, the 2012 Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Aussie born and bread winner Joel Parkinson was greeted in fine form by an exclusive homecoming event held by industry giant and one of Joel's major sponsors, Billabong.



ASP World Champion
Joel Parkinson - ASP World Surfing Champion 2012

With Queensland's Rainbow Beach Surf Club pinned as the venue, Dominica Sound were in charge of production for the event which would headline none other than hard rockers Wolfmother.

The event was strictly a VIP, invitation only affair, ushering in just over 1000 guests. It was an impresssive night for a rising star in the international surfing circuit.

Dominica's Russell Baker was Production Manager for the event, specifying and setting up an impressive combination of Nexo, DiGiCo and Camco gear.

What can we say, Russell loves good gear.


The main stage was comprised of 5 x Geo D10 per side ground stacked powered by 2 x NX4x4 Amplifiers. There were 4 x RS-18 stacked in the middle of the stage.


Nexo Geo D10



Nexo RS 18 Sub


Wedges were made up of 10 PS-15 R2's as well as an LS1200 sub for drum fill, controlled by 2 x NX242's.



Nexo PS 15 R2


The entire monitoring setup on stage was powered by 6 x Camco Vortex 6 amplifiers (3 a side).


Camco Vortex




A DiGiCo SD8 was used for Front of House and a DiGiCo SD9 was used for monitors.




Russell was receiving extremely positive comments from Wolfmother's manager, band members and guests alike. Wolfmother's lead singer Andrew Stockdale was extremely happy with the monitoring and foldbacks noting 'the sound was great on stage, the drummer was also really happy with the drum fill'.




Several guests also approached Russell directly to comment on the sound also. "I had people coming up to me saying it was the best Wolfmother had ever sounded. I love Geo D myself so it's great when you get that kind of feedback, it really reinforces things."




Joel Parkinson making it look oh so easy to surf in style

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