LIV Nightclub Lives It Up with Nexo

Queensland's LIV Nightclub has been making its mark on the Gold Coast since its open last year. Sporting a complete NEXO system which is quite logical by design, it's no wonder the venue has already developed a reputation for sounding amazing.


LIV Nightclub Gold Coast



With guest DJ's from around the country and globe playing at LIV week after week, the club has been attracting locals and tourists in swarms. The choice to go with Nexo was a simple one for Nathan Wright, the man in charge of audio at the club.


LIV Nightclub Gold Coast


Nathan has been a long-time Nexo user and decided that instead of installing a massive PA at one end of the venue, it would make more sense to have a distributed high power system throughout the whole place. Not only would this ensure there were not hot or dead zones, but it would also mean that it'd be much easier to keep the sound contained. With LIV being in the heart of Gold Coast's iconic club zone, it's only a matter of time before the ever tightening restrictions on noise pollution in club areas is enforced more heavily. Nathan's foresight regarding this often overlooked aspect of club installations was very sensible.


LIV Nightclub Gold Coast


A Nexo PS system was installed throughout LIV. 4 x PS-15 R's were scattered throughout the club ensuring they could throw across the wider areas.


Nexo PS-15 R2


Two PS10's were also installed for narrower sections of the bar area.


Nexo PS-10 R2


5 x Nexo PS8's were also scattered throughout to ensure that energy remained even between the PS-15's and PS-10's.


Nexo PS-8


A pair of Nexo RS18 subs were in charge of sub requirements.


Nexo RS 18


A healthy spec of four NXAMP's were installed to power the entire PA.




The result? As one would expect from a Nexo system, a brilliant sounding venue.


LIV Nightclub Gold Coast


LIV Nightclub Gold Coast



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