Nexo & DiGiCo Share the Spirit

Melbourne's 2013 Share the Spirit celebration is a cultural celebration of Australia's indigenous heritage. The event is comprised of a varied selection of established and emerging Indigenous artists delivering live performances across two stages.

Monitor City, who have been busy with their Nexo STM PA and 45N12 Wedges, were in charge of production for the event.


Share the Spirit Festival with Nexo STM

The 45N12 Wedges on stage overlooking the eager crowd

The main stage was comprised of a groundstack of Nexo STM including 2 x M46 Main, 4 x B112 Bass and 2 x S118 SUB per side and was easily delivering to 4000+ people over the busier periods of the festival.


Share the Spirit Festival with Nexo STM

We'd say this is the world's first didgeridoo performance through a Nexo STM PA 


Front of house was handled by a Digico SD8 & DiGiCo SD9 was used for the 45 N12 Wedges.


Share the Spirit Festival with Nexo STM



Stage 2, the Youth Stage, a DiGiCo SD11 was out front of house and a groundstack of 2 x M46 Main and 3 x B112 Bass per side which was easily doing the job for 1500 people at peak times.


Share the Spirit Festival with Nexo STM

Monitor City's Matt Dufty pretty chuffed with the NUAR concept. Amplification and speaker management all in one unit!



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