New Quest HPI System for Sapere Aude

The Ivy league school Wesley College (school motto sapere aude - dare to be wise), now has a sound system in a new school venue that would traditionally present problems for a standard system. Maybe the installer motto could be Ausus promittere sonus - Dare to promise sound.

The venue space is a large multi-purpose Gymnasium hall set up for indoor spectator games and also multiple indoor basket ball games. The audio is to be used for both voice and music and is needed to be a full range system.


Wesley College

A large area to cover with high inteligibility voice and music


The system has multiple configuration modes with digitally switchable zoning, program configuration and multiple input points around the venue. The head A/V tech Peter Harris deals with everything from live music presentations to sports audio in a number of differing formats. The size of the venue is large and the system had to cover a large area without losing voice intelligibility.

Rutledge Engineering was selected to specify and install a system that would accommodate this wide range of requirements. The Quest HPI series systems had the desired performance criteria and after a testing process, was selected for the job. The controlled asymmetrical dispersion of the HPI-110 and HPI-8i systems could throw the distance without aggravating the reflection problems that inevitably come with this type of venue.


Wesley College

A full range compact system

Wesley College

HPI wall brackets make the installation quick and tidy


The end result was very impressive for such a compact system. Especially the performance of the very compact HPI-8i 8” 2-way speakers which many initially doubted would have the throw. The projection of the HPI-8i is quite exceptional for such a small system and this all boils down to the technology of the new HPI systems.

The whole area only required 4 x HPI-110, 4 x HPI-8i and 2 x HPI-212S sub basses. Quite an impressive effort for a small system with a modest footprint and big sound.


Wesley College

The whole area covered by 4x HPI-110 and 4x HPI-8i

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