Video Production Specialists Mediatec Choose DiGiCo

Mediatec Asia Pacific is a live event video production company which positions itself between AV and Broadcast markets. Mediatec is a solution provider of both temporary and permanent technical solutions for the media, event and sports industries. Their expertise has seen their portfolio of clients include the Logies, the Melbourne Comedy festival and the Sydney Motor Show to name a few. Mediatec recently acquired a new DiGiCo SD11 which was used on one of their latest projects for the iconic Australian Open Tennis Championship.

Mediatec's Owen Davison shed some light regarding the recent choice to go with DiGiCo. "We needed a console for live events in the video production world. Video playout, video recording and sometimes as mixer. Brand was part of the decision - Digico is regarded very highly with the noise boy department; then size and flexibility were the next two choices. We needed a bigger solution than our existing mixers. The SD11 has a pretty small form factor and is very flexible in terms of features - This was it!"



The 2012 Australian Open - Starring a DiGiCo SD11 working its magic humbly in the background


The cost of the SD11 as a solution further reinforced the choice. "Price always comes into it and we are not an audio company. If the pricing was unreasonable then we wouldn't have considered it."

The Australian Open was Mediatec's first event using the SD11 which they found to be an excellent choice. "Our first use for the console was the Australian Open Tennis this year. We controlled the Audio to all of the external video screens - 8 Zones in total. The Mixer had 18-20 Inputs and 12 Outputs."

Ease of use as well as immediacy were also standouts for Owen and the Mediatec team. "The features we really liked were the touch screen and ease of use in accessing all features. As we are primarily video guys, the console needs to be straight forward to use. I have a principle that you should be able to sit in front of an audio console for the first time and quite quickly (within an hour or so) be able to get ins and outs going without needing to refer to the manual. The SD11 passed the test with flying colours."

As always, the quality of sound was impressive also. " We're not really an audio company but it sounds great (as I would expect from DiGiCo). To sum it up, great sound, great features, great flexibility, great quality; great all round!"



The SD11 - Designed for both desktop and rack mount use. 16 microphone preamps, 40 digital channels, 12 mono or stereo busses and an 8x8 output matrix. An additional 32 microphone preamps, 8 line outputs and 8 modular outputs (analogue or AES) are provided when connected to a D-Rack.

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