Group Technologies Brings Apex Audio Into the Fold

Continuing in the tradition of providing high quality products for discerning audio professionals, Group Technologies has added Belgium based Apex Audio to its portfolio of products.

The Apex Audio product range brings a plethora of solutions suitable for the highest levels of commercial installations, broadcast, and touring. With innovative solutions including cutting edge speaker management systems, hardware gates, limiters and equalisers as well as exceptionally high quality active direct input units; the Apex Audio brand is destined to enjoy widespread success in Australia.

The dB-Series range of solutions will easily handle the most demanding situations for installers, sound engineers and musicians. The dB-Series is designed specifically for live venues and touring application and includes a stereo 30 Band Graphic Equalizer, a 1U 8 Channel Gate , a 1U 8 Channel CompressorLimiter, a Dual Active DI and a Stereo Distribution Mixer with an optional Delay and Filter for room compensation.

The GX Series is a range of three equalisers that are made up of 15 or 30 band-pass filters; one for each 1/3 octave frequency. Conventional equaliser designs use standard discrete components to realise these band-pass filters. Apex GX- and PE- series achieve far better results than many existing offerings by using hybrid circuits applying Dynamic Laser Trimming (DLT) technology.

The Apex SL-series is a set of tools to protect hearing, neighbours, the environment and equipment against excessive sound levels; without altering the sound programme. The concept behind the SL-series is to have two basic units, the Argos and the Hera. These can be used independently or combined to provide a fully featured sound levelling system.

The Apex PE-Series equalisers are nothing less than a milestone in live sound equalising. PE-Series were the first to apply a combination of graphic and parametric equalisers in the same unit.

The new Intelli-Series product range combines intuitive control software with fast and fully-featured system management processors. The Intelli-Series sets the new benchmark in system management and speaker processing design.

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With Apex Audio now on board, Group Technologies is armed with an even more complete range of solutions to assist consultants and production companies with a wider array of application specific solutions end to end.

Initial feedback has been extremely positive and Group Technologies is very excited to see Apex Audio rollout across venues, broadcasting stations, stadiums and music festivals over the coming Summer.


Apex Audio

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