The Hawks Play with Nexo, DiGiCo & Quest

The Hawks held a major fundraiser a couple of weeks back and Optical Audio Productions were there to service the club with their major event.

Over 300 special guests attended the gala style evening in the Hawthorn Football Club's biggest fundraiser of the year. With a silent auction in place, the guests quietly bid away as they sipped cocktails and enjoyed the feats of Circa NICA; a dazzling circus act.

Among the hosts were former Hawk Daniel Harford and Channel 10 presenter Helen Kapalos. Jeff Kennett was also a special guest speaker for the evening.

The AV team included Kieran Lang (audio), Daniel King (video), Bianca Eden (camera op) and Jason Read (setup). Optical audio supplied all the audio and video systems for the event.

The main front of house system was all Nexo, comprised of 2 x Geo S1210 and 1 x Geo S1230 per side. Nexo PS15's were used as delays and Quest HPI8's were used as front fill. Quest HPI118 were used for LF.

A DiGiCo SD8 was also commissioned and used to handle all the audio, DVD, lectern and 12 channels for the small corporate band. Kieran had the outputs set as left right main, left right front fill, left right delays and mono subs off an aux.

Kieran has had quite a bit of experience with the SD8 and has really become big fan as he notes. "The SD8 is a great desk. It's at home both on a important corporate function or a rock and roll show. It's a very clean sounding console and the onboard EQ is fantastic. Being able to do all my delay and EQ in the desk makes setup fast and easy."

Kieran also finds the SD8 a calming influence while working. "It's such a relaxing desk to use, I never have to worry about it crashing or failing in the middle of an important gig (touch wood)."


SD8 at the Melbourne Museum

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