Linkx Comes to Group Technologies with Soundfield Solutions

Group Technologies is delighted to announce their exclusive Australian distributorship of Linkx Soundfield Systems.

The Linkx range of products delivers an innovative solution geared towards educational facilities where the audibility of the teacher at the head of the room is distributed equally throughout the classroom.

Since the first research project on sound field systems some 20 years ago, there have been more than 50 additional studies testifying to the benefits of class rooms fitted with Soundfield Systems. It has been noticed that children in the amplified classrooms attain higher speech perception and spelling scores, their attention to the teacher is for longer periods of time, and they score higher in academic achievement tests than children in non-amplified classrooms.


What is the Science behind a Soundfield System?

As with a magnetic field, sound also weakens by the square of the distance.

The sound wave amplitude drops off by the square of the distance. This is calculated by the distance being multiplied by itself.

For example, the child sitting at a teacher’s side one metre away hears very well. A child sitting two metres away hears four times less. Four metres away, eight times less; and a child ten metres away (10 X 10) hears 100 times less! These children at a distance from the teacher are off task, more easily distracted or looking elsewhere more frequently than those who are closer.

There are several points to consider here:

  • Children spend 45% of the school day engaged in listening activities
  • Children’s auditory processes aren’t fully developed until their mid-teens
  • Even in an acoustically sound classroom, children ‘receive’ 83% of a teacher’s voice when they sitting in the front row; 66% in the middle rows and only 55% in the back row
  • Children do not perform well in noisy environments compared to adults
  • The ability to listen in noisy environments is not developed until adolescence
  • The average primary school student misses 25% of what a teacher says

Children need a quieter environment and a louder signal in which to learn. This is what Soundfield Systems set out to achieve.

To find out more about the range of products from Linkx, visit the Linkx product page here.

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