Xilica Audio Design Debuts In Australia

Group Technologies is pleased to announce it now represents one of the coolest makers of high-performance audio systems, Xilica Audio Design throughout Australia and New Zealand . Located in Canada, with more than 15+ years of experience, Xilica Audio Design produce digital crossovers, multi-channel software configurable devices, analogue to digital network converters, DSP engines, OEM plug-in digital crossover boards, et cetera, with the company slogan reading, “from cool designs to cool products”, and cool they most certainly are.

Xilica have produced a lot of OEM product in the past and now produce a range of speaker processor/matrix/controllers with quality and features that would normally cost stacks squared. The absolute latest in available technology is utilized with 64-bit fixed point DSP processing and highest quality 24-bit analogue converters available. The 64-bit DSP processing prevents noise and distortion induced by truncation errors of the commonly used devices. FIR (Finite Impulse Response) crossover filters are also implemented in the system. FIR gives a linear phase response at the crossover frequency, which is much preferred over IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) filters.

This is the technology employed in the most upper echelon of top-shelf systems and the pricing is as stunning as the quality, so don't wast any time chasing this gem up next time you need anything to matrix, system control or just cross-over your big old three-way PA.

Xilica Audio Design product

Xilica Audio Design

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