DiGiCo Consoles Enjoy Success in the Philippines

Despite it being less than a year since the first DiGiCo SD series console arrived in the Philippines, such has been their impact that local audio companies have bought no less than seven from regional distributor Joint Venture.

Manila based Hx Pro Sounds and Lights is one Filipino company that has invested in DiGiCo, an SD8 being followed by the purchase of an SD7.

"Before buying the SD8, we compared all the major digital consoles," says Hx Pro's Rex Maliuanag. "After comparing them, DiGiCo was ahead of the game. We love the idea that we can configure the boards in the way we want them to work."

He continues, "For a mid-sized console, I believe that the SD8 is the best buy. It's so powerful, very easy to work around and is perfect for both FOH and monitor use. We really like the fact that the board is so configurable, with 36 assignable faders."

With the SD8 proving a great success at HX Pro, competition from other rental companies made them decide to make a further investment in the top of the range SD7, to ensure it had the very best equipment available.


Hx Pro Sounds and Lights

Above: The Very Happy Team at Hx Sounds and Lights


"We initially invested in the SD7 because we wanted to be ahead of the game, to have a console that had every advantage over those used by other companies in the country. Without bias, the SD7 is easier to use, takes up less space and is more powerful than all the other large format boards in the market," says Rex.

"Having the same operating format as the SD8, it didn't take much time to understand the SD7, even without training or having to refer to the manual. But there are so many special features, we are still learning new things every time we use it."

The SD8 has already been used on a wide range of productions, including live music and television shows, at both the FOH and monitor positions. Currently the SD7 is working on Pilipinas Got Talent, the local version of the global …Got Talent television franchise, which is currently recording its second series.

Taking place throughout January and February, the SD7 is being used as the main FOH console, running 112 channels with recording via MADI.

"We use the SD7 for recording almost all the time and, because MADI comes as standard, it's so easy to do," says Rex. "Consoles used by other rental companies can offer it as an option but DiGiCo offers it as standard, which is a big advantage for us."

Giving 10/10 for DiGiCo's technical support, Rex is impressed with not only HX Pro's own SD series consoles, but also the fact that their user-friendliness has seen them achieve such rapid success in the Philippines.

"The team at DiGiCo answers our emails very quickly and, when it comes to advice, their step-by-step procedures are excellent," he says. "I have also been very impressed that, in less than a year since the first DiGiCo console arrived here, Joint Venture has been able to sell five SD8s, an SD7 and an SD9 into the Filipino market. Other brands haven't been able to achieved anything like those numbers in such a short time."


Hx Pro Sounds and Lights

Above: The SD8 Out and About

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