Geo D On the Road with Shannon Noll

One of the first uses of the new Nexo Geo D system in Australia was in the Geelong Arena for a night of oz-rock royalty from the new prince of the genre, Mr. Shannon Noll. The Geo D rig was recently purchased by Queensland’s Wild Gravity to be used as an addition to its existing Geo S rig and so far has not failed to impress all who stand before it.


Shannon Noll

 Noel from Wild Gravity smiling (as usual) whilst looking over his DiGiCo D1-Live


The Geelong Arena is not renowned as a top class performance venue, as it is simply a basketball stadium, but the Geo D managed to perform well with a wider 120-degree dispersion employed to help with the sideline seating arrangements. Coupled with a pair of Geo Subs (the big bold brother to the CD 12 and CD 18 from Nexo) for a crowd of about 2000 people, there was no doubt that Geo D had arrived in Geelong and was ready and rearing to belt it out with Shannon.


Shannon Noll

The Geo D rig as used for the first time in Australia


The Nexo Geo D is proving to be one of the loudspeaker success stories of 2006, squeezing itself nicely between Geo S and Geo T, with production companies snapping them up in record numbers for touring and installation projects across the country. This surely is a testament to the product’s versatility, size and price. Noel Anthony who runs Wild Gravity is beginning to find more uses for the Geo D than he initially thought possible and the system is proving to be the perfect compliment to his existing Geo S.


Shannon Noll

The man himself, belting out the hits through the Nexo Geo D rig


Wild Gravity is based in Townsville, Queensland and is renowned for its mighty fine truck, top-quality equipment, and for going the extra mile with concert audio reproduction.


Shannon Noll

The Geo D makes for quite an array

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