Equilibrium Drinks a Toast to Nexo

Equilibrium Hotel is located in World Square; right in the heart of Sydney CBD’s fastest growing area. The venue, designed by Thomas Bucich, incorporates Equilibrium Bar, Trust Vodka Lounge and the Terrazza function room. Recently, Rutledge Engineering was contracted to supply and install the audio, lighting and audiovisual elements to the Equilibrium Bar and the Trust Vodka Lounge situated upstairs, choosing to install a range of Nexo PS Series boxes and CD12 Supercardioid Subwoofers throughout.



The small, inconspicuous Nexo speakers do not detract from the stunning interiors


Audio challenges for both bars included many large and varying areas, low ceilings, non-technical operators and expansive areas of glass. And of course such a stylish venue requires a stylish, yet unobtrusive, speaker. Equilibrium Bar was specified as high foreground music whilst Trust needed to be able to deliver a higher sound pressure level. Trust has particularly low ceilings and so a speaker that is low profile yet delivers high power was required. The venue also has a large amount of glass surfaces.

In the Trust Vodka Lounge Nexo PS Series speakers, renowned for their ability to focus acoustical energy on listeners and not on undesired areas, form the main system with the light and compact PS15 speakers doing the majority of the drive in the room and PS10 speakers providing fill. Added to this are four Nexo CD12 Supercardioid Subwoofers that deliver consistent performance and reliability of the highest standard.



 Despite the large amount of glass surfaces the Nexo speakers deliver admirably


The system is driven by the Nexo NX242 TDcontrollers, proprietary advanced digital processors that allows Nexo loudspeaker systems to achieve exceptional results. Camco amplifiers deliver over 15,000 watts of power.

Downstairs has a central focus area where a DJ can be plugged in at a higher level to the rest of the room which utilises background music. Two Nexo CD12 Supercardioid Subwoofers are also used in this venue as again there is quite a bit of glass and also a walkway between the venue and an adjacent office block, where it was necessary to minimise sound leakage. The Supercardioid Subwoofers allow accurate, directional control of very low frequencies.



Nexo PS Series speakers focus acoustic energy in the Trust Vodka Lounge


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