Nexo Gives Crystal Clear Sound for Sydney's Crystal Bar

Crystal Bar, located at No.1 Martin Place, Sydney offers an amazing journey into the GPO building’s history and architecture. Entry is via granite and stainless steel curved staircase that takes guests to a cavernous sandstone-walled tunnel that hasn't seen daylight or been open to the public since the building was opened in 1874.


Many have described the glamorous new Crystal Bar as a Parisian club deep under ancient cobbled streets, with massive stonewalls, long dark corridors, secretive anti-rooms and vaulted ceiling.

The sparkle from the minimalist crystal chandeliers forms a rich contrast to the raw sandstone walls. Natural sandstone alcove conversational areas surround the room and are adorned by plush padded leather seating creating sought-after private booths. The seating niches also feature crystal chandeliers that look like halos of refracted light.

Crystal-clear sound was also a prerequisite for the club owners and hence a comprehensive Nexo PA system has been installed including six PS10 cabinets, three PS8 cabinets and four LS500 sub bass. Also installed were three Quest MW650 in-wall speaker systems. Camco Tecton and Vortex amplifiers as well as some Quest QA amplifiers power the PA.


Crystal Bar


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