Phase 1 Audio - In Phase with Nexo PS15

Perth-based production company, Phase 1 Audio, recently expanded its inventory with a major purchase of Nexo PS15 systems, Nexo LS1200 subs and Camco amplification. Since the acquisition, Phase 1 has supplied production for acts diverse as Wolfmother, The Cat Empire, Alex Lloyd and Thirsty Merc, as well as production detail for a range of corporate events and festivals. Along with the Nexo PS System's sound reproduction, size and power, Phase 1 Audio owner Jon Caisley has been impressed with the ability to cross-hire it to other WA production companies.

Jon Caisley has a lot more than ten years experience in audio, which explains the wide variety of audio customers he is called upon to provide audio, lighting and staging for. When asked about the Nexo PS15s, Jon had this to say, "The PS15 is the ultimate multi-purpose box. One day it's a fold back wedge, the next it's grouped in an FOH array, yet stills retains the flexibility to still be a great stand-alone box. The asymmetric wave-guide gives the box real throw while still being capable of delivering a broad dispersion to the front row. It's just a matter of rotating the flares".

With production requirements for concerts, festivals, corporate events, bands and technical management, you have to be able to do everything when you operate in a market such as Perth. Jon has also discovered the amount of cross-hire demand for the PS15 among the other Western Australian production companies. "It seems to be on just about every touring rider these days" added Jon.

Next year Phase 1 Audio will be having its tenth birthday, but the celebration started this year with the purchase of a Nexo/Camco combination that will guarantee at least another ten birthdays to come.


Phase 1


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