World Wrestling Comes Down Under with Nexo Rig

World Wrestling Federation (WWF) kicked off its first live event in Australia in almost 20 years on August 10, 2002 at Colonial Stadium in Melbourne.

"Our global strategy continues to move along as planned. We're excited to bring a live World Wrestling event to an expected crowd of more than 50,000 Australian fans," said Roger Marment, Executive Vice President of International Business Development for WWF. "Australia is an important market to us. We enjoy excellent television ratings and will be making announcements shortly in the areas of licensing and home video. The live event plays an important role in the development of these businesses. Based upon our international successes so far this year, we are extremely encouraged as we continue the extension of our US business model internationally."


WWF at Colonial Stadium


For the large coverage area required, the Nexo audio system supplied by Johnston Audio is physically small and was assembled and flown in remarkably little time.

The PA system is as follows:

The system is mainly comprised of Nexo Alpha M3 and M8 Hi-mig boxes, B1-15 bass boxes and S2 sub bass boxes.

The array consists of 10 hangs of 6 cabinets comprising the M3/M8 and B1-15 cabinets. 8 x S2 sub bass cabinets are located (2 each) in the corners.

6 x Nexo PS8 boxes are set for in fill offering minimum sight line intrusion and 6 PS15 boxes are flown for underfill.

4 x Double Nexo Alpha-em modules cover down fill areas not covered by the PS15’s.

Show directors cue monitoring is provided by 2 x PS8 and 1 x LS400 bass to give an almost identical representation of the PA.

The whole system (except the PS8’s) is powered by 29 Camco vortex 6 amplifiers distributing 174,000 watts.

The FOH desk is a Midas XL3 sending to 16 zones.


WWF at Colonial Stadium


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