Nexo Geo T World Debut

NEXO's much-anticipated GEO T Tangent Array system made its world debut in Singapore on Christmas Day 2002, when Show Company Pte Ltd brought out its new rig for Alan Tam and 8,000 fans at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The Show Company Pty LTD, which prides itself on its pioneering approach to new technologies, has purchased a comprehensive inventory of Tangent Array systems incorporating NEXO’s patent-pending GEO Technology from NEXO distributor Electro-Systems Industries, including:

36 Nexo GEO T 4805 Tangent Array Modules

16 Nexo CD18 Controlled Directivity Subbass systems

16 Nexo GEO S 805 Tangent Array Modules

4 Nexo GEO S 830 Tangent Array Modules

6 Nexo CD12 Controlled Directivity Subbass systems

The Show Company purchased the GEO T before seeing a prototype, hearing a demo or even reading a brochure on the new series. When asked about this act of faith, Joseph Gan, one of the directors of The Show Company, explained that the company had been intensively researching the market for line array systems, visiting manufacturing plants and trade exhibitions for a full year. "We based our decision on the purchase of the GEO T purely from seeing and hearing the NEXO GEO S. Some people might think it is quite a risk but NEXO has proven itself over time to be a reliable manufacturer."

Lawrence Tay, a Director at Electro-Systems Industries Pte LTD, distributor of the NEXO system in Singapore, confirmed that NEXO's blue-chip reputation played a key role in the decision of The Show Company to purchase the GEO T system. He added, "in this region, we have a large number of NEXO fixed installations well as production companies which carry our systems. These have always performed to the expectations of the users, and the introduction of the GEO S last year further enhanced NEXO's track record."

The GEO Technology inventory made it on time for the Alan Tam concert despite a hectic schedule at the NEXO factory. The Show Company got it tested and were very satisfied with the outcome. But how did they convince the sound engineers to go with an untried system? "We have a good relationship with the team for Alan Tam. We basically told them to trust us on this," says Joseph Gan. "When they first saw the system, they were shaking their heads and were not confident that the system would perform. It was funny, during the sound check, they were still shaking their heads but this time in disbelief!"

Following the success of the new system in front of Alan Tam's sell-out crowd, GEO T was immediately put to use again, this time for a church event. Lighthouse Evangelism, led by the widely respected Senior Pastor Rony Tan, hosted the "Miracle Explosion 2002", an enormous evangelistic event attended by 24,000 people over 3 nights at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

(With thanks to Thomas Richard at E-Tech Asia, Singapore, for his help with this article.)


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