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Group Technologies officially release the Nexo Geo and what better way to do it than with a collection of high profile jazz artists including the classical virtuoso Slava Grigoryan in duo with Guy Strazzullo and Frangipani.

The venue chosen was the Malvern Town Hall. The reasoning for this choice was simple. For the demonstration to have credibility it needed to be held in a large venue well known for being acoustically challenging and it needed to be a high quality production using mostly acoustic instruments. Careful planning went into the release details regarding simplicity of design and layout. This was to highlight the obvious fact that extremely slick productions can be made with a minimal of equipment using Nexo Geo's in combination with Camco power amplifiers.

The decision was made to set the release date so that it tied in with the Melbourne International Jazz festival and include a presentation from Nexo expert Wayne Garratley. Wayne used a computer generated projection system to outline the GEO benefits and the various features pertaining to the special Nexo patented technologies. He also described how and why it was so easy to take all the guesswork out of setting up a rig. Using the GEO software it was extremely easy to plan the whole layout. Then by utilizing the GEO system, with its proprietary rigging, Wayne showed that an unperceivable flat and even response could be achieved to within 2dB across each and every seat in the house (keeping in mind the highly reverberant conditions to begin with). Everybody attending, including many system operators who had worked the room in the past, were truly amazed at the incredible result achieved by the GEO system. Not only was it deadly accurate with projection and gain at each seat but also very life like. Each and every instrument on stage sounded totally realistic when put through the PA.

The Audio set up and production was delegated to Geoff Phillips Production & Events Management. Geoff himself is a well seasoned professional having been in charge of production of well in excess of 5000 jazz gigs world wide. "Without doubt, the best and most enjoyable audio experience I have ever had was using a Nexo system with the Mingus Big Band in New York" said Geoff. " Given the option, I will only ever use Nexo from now on".

The glow on Geoff's face when he describes the event is enough to make you understand it was truly something. Geoff has an absolute passion for jazz and now an absolute passion for the GEO. "I always wanted a system that amplifies perfectly what is on stage. No colouration, no enhancement, just pure clean clear sound and now the GEO does that for me. I just turn the fader up and the sound gets louder but the piano still sounds like the piano and the bass sounds like the bass, etc."

Bare in mind that the stage is adorned with a collection of microphones that would make most studio owners envious. The system is completely transparent and allows total coherency of even the softest volume. It really just makes you want to chuck your CD player in the tip and only go to live shows like this for the rest of your life.

Darren Gee, who was in charge of stage monitors, added to Geoff's glowing statements. "I was in the states with Geoff on the Mingus gig and I have to agree, it was an incredible sound. Just like here at the Malvern, the Nexo's really come through to produce just an amazing sound". Drew Menard, production manager, who was assisted by Mark Crawley (Creepy), said that all the Nexo systems, he knew of, in the country, were never allowed breathing space. They are all fully booked and continually on the road. Great testimony to their already legendary ability to make money. A situation where we are constantly being forced, by our customers, to increase our inventory of Nexo.

Mark has also done the Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) tour and said that both Brian and the crew had been blown away by the fantastic sound. The same rig was used for Alex Lloyd with the same result. Those that missed the demonstration will have to get in touch with Peter Thoms very quickly because this is already one very fast moving speaker system and those who do not check it out risk the peril of being well behind in a new and emerging technology.

The Jazz artists at the official Nexo GEO release:

Slava Grigoryan, Guy Strazzullo and Frangipani, Michelle Nicolle, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, John Sangster’s "Lord of the rings", James Sherlock Trio, The Society Syncopators, The Kouisiana Shakers, New Melbourne Jazz Band, Mainstem, Jazz on Q, The Frank and Mark CD show, Wayne Garratley’s Hypnotic Suggestions

The Malvern Town Hall (opened July 26, 1886 at a cost of £8,651 and now the Stonnington City Centre) is a large and imposing late Victorian, Boom Style, Italianate building with a symmetrical facade to Glenferrie Road and projecting two-storey portico. The two tower roofs are in the French Second Empire style with fish scale slates, circular vents, elaborate lead work and cast iron walks. A terrazzo floor, marble walls and central marble staircase, feature in the foyer which leads to the upper cocktail lounge which has a similar elaborate, coffered ceiling. In the foyer is the War Memorial designed by Paul Montford and the statue of Psyche and Cupid. The 1926 Council Chamber with its tiered gallery and vaulted ceiling remains essentially intact.

The Queensland Maple timber furnishings and paneled dado are original. An ornamental cast plaster ceiling is a feature of the Banquet Hall. The main Ballroom has a vaulted ceiling and pendant lighting from the period. Swags and urns decorate the curved sides of the vaults. The stage and rear gallery both feature cast plaster with City of Malvern crests. A Crompton Theatre Pipe Organ was installed in 1992. The Ballroom exhibits all the characteristics typical of this style of building. It's polished floor and hard surface walls and ceiling provide an acoustic environment that is almost impossible for anything to work effectively except the most well designed systems. To date, the Nexo GEO has produced the best sonic clarity in this environment and is far beyond the best that has previously been used.

Our sincere thanks to Norwest Productions, Johnston Audio Services and Clifton Productions for their enormous assistance in putting on this event. It could not have been done without you guys. Thank you very much.


The Malvern Town Hall with Nexo Geo


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