Nexo Licenses EtherSound Technology

NEXO SA has licensed Digigram's EtherSound technology for use in next-generation loudspeaker systems. "Latency and cost per network node are critical issues for high quality sound reinforcement," said NEXO Chairman/Head of R&D Eric Vincenot. "Digigram engineers have addressed both issues. Our EtherSound license will enable us to develop networked loudspeaker systems that deliver significantly greater levels of flexibility and control, without excessive added cost or noticeable performance penalties."

NEXO joins Bouyer, a leader in public address equipment, and Fostex, a manufacturer of professional audio recording, speaker and associated products, as early adopters of Digigram's innovative digital audio networking standard.

"We are happy that Fostex, NEXO and Bouyer, major players in the worldwide market, are enthusiastic about our technology," says Digigram Managing Director Philippe Delacroix. "The quick move by these companies proves that EtherSound is an acknowledged technology that will rapidly become a major standard for audio distribution over standard Ethernet."

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