RCF Debuts 3-Way Steerable Column Array Speaker

The new RCF L 2406 (/L 2406W) is a compact 3-way column loudspeaker with vertically controlled directivity which provides natural hi-fidelity sound of speech (through intelligibility improvement) and music. It is the optimum choice for loudspeaker installations with critical acoustic or architectural constraints that require vertical acoustic dispersion control.

The L 2406 is equipped with six 5” woofers and four 1” dome tweeters. Its designed with central tweeters which enforce coherent sound dispersion, minimizing lobes and maintaining a modest footprint.

The crossover includes a protection circuit for the 4 dome tweeters and is designed to avoid secondary lobe creation. The 2 central woofers are controlled and placed differently from the tweeters in order to create a column with a true cardioid polar pattern.

The wide horizontal coverage angle and the controlled vertical dispersion allow the correct sound reproduction in a wide space. Feedback can be greatly reduced whilst sound directivity is highly focused. This is especially useful in challenging environments such as halls or rooms with a long reverberation time.

The column loudspeaker has a VOICE / MUSIC selector which provides an optimised frequency response based on the speakers primary application.

Mounting accessories are also included and have been designed to keep the column as close as possible to the wall. This simplifies installation and makes tilt adjustment a breeze.

The L 2406 can be connected to either a 100V (/ 70V) constant voltage line (through a 60W internal transformer) or an amplifier low impedance output (max. power: 200W RMS).

The power setting can be adjusted via the rear panel selector.

The loudspeaker power settings can be either:

a. 60-30-15-10 W (selectable), if connected to a 100 V constant voltage line(note: with a 70 V line, the power is halved: 30-15-7.5-5 W).

b. max. 200 W on 8 ohm load


RCF TL2406


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