30 Seconds to Mars Hits Perth with a Monster Nexo Rig

Super group '30 Seconds to Mars' were recently on their 'This Is War' tour throughout Australia. Challenge Stadium was the home of their Perth show and Phase One Audio were called in to ensure the production excelled in every respect.


Challenge Stadium Setup for 30 Seconds to Mars

 Above: Phase One Audio setting up Challenge Stadium Setup for 30 Seconds to Mars

As is often the case with large scale international acts, a very specific requirement for full audio coverage was required. In conjunction, the expectation for achieving the best sound were extremely high. The professional team at Phase One Audio had no problem meeting and exceeding the requirements with an impressive setup to say the very least.

The main PA was comprised of 30 x Nexo GeoD & 6 x Nexo GeoD Subs Flown (18 per side), 10 x Camco V6 and 4 x Camco 2oov Amplfiers as well as 2 x Nexo 242XT Processors.

The outhangs were made up of 12 x Nexo GeoS 1210's & 2 x Nexo GeoS1230's, 2 x Camco 200v's and 2 x Nexo 242 Processors.

Infills included 4 x Nexo GeoS 1230's, 12 x RCF S8028 Subs, 4 x Camco V6 Amplifiers and 1 x Nexo 242XT Processor.

Monitoring was handled by 4 x sends of PS15 and 10 sends of In Ears. Zoning was controlled by BSS processors.


30 Seconds to Mars at Sound Check

 Above: Sound check for 30 Seconds to Mars

The touring engineer was extremely impressed with the seamless audio transition from the outhang to the main PA which was a testimony to Phase One's professional aptitude in configuring the stadium.

Key personnel from Phase One Audio included Kade Ward (FOH), Scott Hay (Monitors) and Tim McNally (Stage Patch).


30 Seconds to Mars Rockin' Out

 Above: A packed Challenge Stadium with 30 Seconds to Mars Rockin' Out

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