Three Country Greats Touring with DiGiCo & Nexo

Three country greats, Steve Passfield, Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey have been touring recently to promote their latest albums. Adam Harvey's 'Both Sides Now' recently went Gold through Sony Music whilst Beccy Cole has just released an album of favourites under the title 'Pre-Loved'. Steve Passfield (Golden Guitar Winner) also released his 'Timberman & Other Tales'. Together, the trio have been touring the Aussie circuit and their 'Re-Match' tour has been selling out all over the country.

The Corowa RSL gig saw Steve Passfield kick off the nights proceedings with a heartfelt performance on guitar and stompy. Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey also delivered great performances as one would expect from three of Australia's leading Country music artists.

Corowa RSL has a fairly large stage with the front section being comprised of a raised timber "boom box". That, together with the shape of the room has usually generated exaggerated troublesome frequencies making the room sonically challenging in the past.

On stage, the rig is comprised of 2 x Nexo RS15 R2's per side and an RS15 sub. 4 x Nexo PS10's and 2x RCF Art 7 boxes make up fold back. The entire rig is driven by Nexo's NX Amplifiers through to Powerwise power distributors. As Steve notes "The Nexo rig handled the gig with ease due the ability to tune the system to the room quickly and effortlessly at sound check. One of the most telling issues at many Country shows is that there's a fair showing of older folk in the crowd with some of them sitting only a couple of metres from the FOH cabs. Due to the quality of the Nexo sound, not one complaint was heard nor was anyone spotted with the old "fingers in the ears", even at loud volumes; which is what I've witnessed at several country concerts through other rigs."

At FOH, Dave Henderson (Hendo) mixed the three acts and was a huge fan of both the sound system and console as Steve recalls. "I set up the session for Dave prior to the gig using the SD9 offline software and Hendo showed up to sound check, made the necessary adjustments and really loved working the desk. There was a 6 piece band with 6 sends of fold back which only barely touched the edges of what the Red Snapper is capable of. That, with the great onboard effects, EQ and Hendo's work; the sound was superb." Hendo's final comment to Steve at the end of the night quite humorously and simply was "Can I take it with me Steve?"


Adam Harvey, Steve Passfield, and Beccy Cole

 Above (from left to right): Adam Harvey, Steve Passfield and Beccy Cole

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