Amway Take Nexo and DiGiCo Around the Country

In April, Mirage Audio Visual from Auckland toured through Australia with Amway on a whirlwind Product Launch and Concert tour, to launch their new brand "Beautycycle".

The Brief was simple, to produce a large quality show that encompassed the launch of the brand and a small concert set from Australian Idol runner up Hayley Warner.

The tour consisted of large launches in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with smaller satellite launches in Auckland, Christchurch and Adelaide.


Amway's Beautycycle Launch

 Above: Mirage Audio's Fantastic Production for Amway's New Brand "Beautycycle".

Video on the large events consisted of using Barco R22 projectors with 6 40”LCD Panels in an array across the back of the stage. Control was taken care of by Vista Spyder with Dataton Watchout taking care of the LCD array. Imag was taken care of with a 2 camera SDI PPU integrated into Spyder. Technical Direction and operation of the show was performed by Mat Morgan.

Nexo was decided on as the PA of choice for this event and with the support of Phase 1 Audio in Perth, Advanced Audio in Melbourne and Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre in Brisbane a mixture of Geo D and Geo S were used as the main PA hangs, while monitors were taken care of by Nexo PS15's. Camco Vortex amps were used throughout the tour. Mirage used a mixture of Digigo D1, D5 and SD7 consoles on the tour with Mirage's Gareth Marsh on Front of House duties.


A DiGiCo SD7 Steering Amway's Beautycycle Launch

 Above: Hayley Warner Performing at Amway's Launch

With smaller setups in New Zealand and just the Product Launch, Mirage decided on a PS15/LS1200 corporate package utalising Camco and NX241 amps and processing.

Altogether a very successful tour, with crowd's in excess of 1500 in some venues; this was a top notch production and we had a very satisfied Client.


Live Performance at Amway's Beautycycle Launch

 Above: A DiGiCo SD7 Driving The Production.

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