Quest Goes Outer Space with High Performance

Quest has been heavily invested in bringing a High Performance range of speakers completely designed in Australia to the market for the past twelve months.

Two speaker boxes are close to completion, one with a 10" driver, another with two 10" drivers and each with a single 1.4" compression horn. An 8" driver version is also in the pipeline as is a matching sub.

Product Development Manager Guillaume Boda shed some light on the specs and intended applications of these boxes. "These are full range boxes, from 60hz to 20kHz" Guillaume remarked. "In providing a large horn, we're focussing on delivering a speaker with exceptional vocal projection".

The speakers are also designed in a manner whereby they can be stacked in a modular fashion horizontally and used in countless configurations. The aim here is to provide a multi-purpose box that holds its own against speakers costing several times as much.

Quite possibly the most striking feature of the new Quest HPI series is the Aluminium handle surrounding the back of the chassis. This unique approach to speaker design serves far more than an appealing aesthetic as Guillaume describes. "The thick metal handle constricts the unit from three sides making it both easy to carry and reducing enclosure vibration. It will also act as a mounting point for our new mounting brackets which will be a completely different take on current chassis mounts in the marketplace".


Guillaume Boda with a prototype HPI 110

Above: Guillaume Boda with a prototype Quest HPI 110

Guillaume also mentioned that there are a range of innovative products on the development list at Quest. None of these have been announced yet but it certainly looks like Quest will be taking their product range to new levels this year with some truly unique designs. Whatever they cook up, we look forward to finding out more and letting you know.

Quest's HPI range certainly looks the business and its always great to see Australian innovation in Pro Audio. We're confident upon release the range will bring with it a whole new fan club of users.


Quest HPI 110 Line Drawings

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